At IJ-Net we provide a complete IT service to small businesses in the North East and the whole country. This can range
through strategic consultancy to the Board of Directors, through installation and maintenance of hardware and software;
to direct telephone and remote support and training for end users.

We have up-to-date knowledge of current computing practices and technologies, so many of our clients often turn to us
for advice when they are thinking about expansion possibilities or new systems. You can do this too! We are more than
happy to make investigations on your behalf or act as a go-between for you and your supplier if you don't have time or
you just find 'talking technical' difficult.

As an example, We have recently advised a local company who presently have a Novell server, plus Windows
9x clients. Our advice is to migrate to Microsoft Windows Small Buisness Server 2003. This project will require
a complete understanding of their current IT Infrastructure, their working IT practices, and then to replicate all of this
configuration into a Microsoft Server environment. In such migration situations the user's will not notice any
difference in their working practice.

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