A Wireless broadband connection gives you all the advantages of having always on broadband speed combined with the freedom of a wireless network. The pairing of these two technologies enables you to connect multiple computers together allowing more than one person to surf the internet, share files, share printers, stream music between rooms and play online games from anywhere within the property and surrounding grounds. Connect Desktop PCs, laptops, handheld devices such as PDA's and Smartphones, Games Consoles such as Xbox's, Playstation 2s and Gamecubes, along with Printers. No longer is your digital media constrained to your desktop PC, through wireless technology you can stream music and photos to your television and music system in the lounge or other room. A wireless network enables you to do all these without the need for unsightly cables which can clutter up your home and require the fitting of expensive cabling running to each room. This creates a rigid inflexible network as components such as a computer will always have to belocated near the fixture on the wall. A wireless network will allow you to place your computers and wireless enabled devices where you want them to be.


A typical installation comprises of a modem / Router which acts as the gateway to the internet for all your computers, a PCMCIA Wireless network card. That will enable a laptop which is not Centrino enabled to connect to the internet, and a PCI wireless network card which will enable a standard desktop pc to connect to the internet. Centrino enabled laptops will already be enabled to connect to the internet via wireless once your gateway is in place. Once the infrastructure is in place the computers will all be configured by IJ-Net technicians so that that can access the gateway and internet securely and reliably. This example installation process will cost £300 including the cost for all the components and the cost for fitting and configuring the network. If you have additional computers or require more components to connect to your network please contact us and we shall give you a quote for connecting and configuring the additional devices.

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