Active Directory

IJ-Net can provide your company with a Microsoft Active Directory system that can provide users with a secure and
flexible configuration that can be maintained simply, and also allow for growth within your company.
Active Directory is a managment system that allows the administrator of your network to control user accounts,
change passwords, control user access, provide users with resources such as printers.

Microsoft Active Directory provides central location for network administration and delegation of administrative authority.
You have access to objects representing all network users, devices, such as computers, and resources such as printers,
and the ability to group objects for ease of management and application of security and Group Policy, therefore providing
information security and single sign-on for user access to network resources.

Active Directory provides tight integration with security eliminates costly tracking of accounts for authentication and
authorization between systems. A single user name and password combination can identify each network user, and this
identity follows the user throughout the network.
Active Directory is scalable and includes one or more domains, each with one or more domain controllers, enabling
you to scale the directory to meet any network requirements.

Figure 1. Active Directory Roles

Active Directory 2003
Storage for application data. Active Directory provides a central location to store data that is shared between
applications and with applications that need to distribute their data across entire Windows networks.

Remote administration. You can connect to any domain controller remotely from any Windows-based computer
that has administrative tools installed.

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